Articles Defending the Siri Thesis

Focusing Anew on Siri Theories (April 2014)
We discuss the latest information promulgated by John Vennari and Fr. Nicholas Gruner of The Fatima Center.

A Defense of the Siri Thesis
A must-read series of articles, we defend the Siri Thesis against an attack by Inside the Vatican magazine in late 2005 which purported to discredit it. In Part II, we detail who was behind the attack and why, and in Part III we lay out our own understanding and view of the 1958 Conclave.
Preview (Feb. 2006)
Part I (Feb. 2006)
Part II (Mar. 2006)
Part III (May 2006)

Malachi Martin Reveals More (July 2006)
A rogue Irish priest (now deceased) says some interesting things about the Conclave.

Cardinal Siri Asks God for Forgiveness (Aug. 2006)
A very late discussion by Siri with an Italian reporter.

Eclipse of the Church at the 1958 Conclave (Oct. 2005)
An introduction to the Siri Thesis.

Sedevacantism Takes On the Opposition (Oct. 2005)
Catholics continue to defend the Vatican, despite its obvious corruption and heresy.